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Independent Contractors

Rediehs Freightlines recognizes the huge responsibility owner operators take on when you decide to driver for yourself. The cost of equipment, fuel, plates, & repairs add up. We try to help minimize a maze of monthly deductions, complicated settlements, and large upfront cost. You are not just another number to us, we take the time to make sure every driver feels valued and we do all we can to make sure our contractors succeed.

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Company Drivers

Rediehs Freightlines offers competitive pay & benefits with new equipment a variety of freight available.

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Rediehs Freightlines values working with high quality carriers. Qualified carriers will benefit from working with a carrier with over 70 years of experience and excellent carrier benefits.

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Rediehs Freight Lines is always looking for excellent qualified carriers to do business with. Rediehs offers a variety of loads through out all 48 contiguous states. Carriers will also have the option of easy paperwork submission and quick payment.


Rediehs Freightlines requires the following. Most of which will be included in the carrier paperwork.

  • Contract
  • W9
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Authority Certificate
  • $1,000,000 in Liability Insurance
  • $100,000 in Cargo Insurance
More Information

For more information or questions please contact the safety department at (219) 787-8868.

  • For 7 day pay, a 5% fee will be taken from the gross amount of the load pay. Payment will be made on the 7th day from the day the load paperwork was received.
  • 15 day pay, all other loads will be paid on the 15 day from when the load paperwork was received.
  • *All payments are made via mailed check, unless direct deposit form was requested and filled out.

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